Friday 16 May 2008

I made it!

OMG! I just realised that yesterday's post was #1,000! Can you believe it? That's so darn cool. I didn't realise I popped into the ol' blog so often... okay, so that's a lie. ;) I try to blog every single day, so I suppose I was going to get to 1,000 sooner or later. :D How cool.

So, how's everyone doing lately? You know, it's been very quiet around here lately. Has anyone been popping in? Just wondering...

I'm very excited to say that I managed to get the second draft of my NaNo novel finished today. The final word count has gone up to 58,232. And you know, while I was walking near the river this afternoon - with the AWESOME 30STM playing in my ears - I realized there were a few points I'd like to expand on during the third/final revision. Nothing huge, it's actually a few small details that I just want to fine tune.
Anyway, it's awesome to have met another self-imposed deadline. I don't like leaving work hanging over the weekend, to be tackled on Monday. I like to dive into something new at the beginning of the week.

Okay, got some stuff to do tomorrow and I'm hoping to squeeze in some more reading over the weekend. Have an awesome one!

ytd word count: 184,505


Ericka Scott said...

I popped in over the weekend! Hope you had a great one. Good luck with your revisions!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Ericka! How you been? :)

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