Sunday 16 March 2008



There's a reason Maude Kincaid is one of the best Time Rogues, and it's the same reason she's now dead -- or soon will be. Gut-shot and lying in a sub-orbital tram station reeking of brimstone, waiting for the atmospherics to give out, she's exactly where she intended: She's saved CORE, her friends and her reality. And only a woman willing to bend the rules could do it.

The time travel was nothing. That's been as natural as breathing since Maude became one of the 22nd century's elite cadre of protectors against temporal rifts. Jumps to Dealey Plaza and the old South were nothing. Taking the bullet was a little harder. Maude's only regret is about Gil. Gil, with whom she abandoned with his memory erased because he was from another time, another reality, and because Time Rogues can't afford to know love. Today, she can't afford to forget it.

Wow! What an awesome book. I gotta say, I LOVE these Shomis. They are totally awesome. This was the fourth one I've read, and have two more waiting for me. I can't wait.
This tale is about time travel and keeping the past safe. A totally cool concept. The characters were also awesome, and the connection between Maude and Gil stood out from the moment they met. There's just so much to this novel. The technology is vivid and explained thoroughly, without being too much. The future is an intriguing place and what they do to conserve the past is a marvellous concept.
Man, if you haven't read any of the Shomi novels yet, you totally have to. ;)

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