Friday 8 February 2008


Last night we watched Stardust. Wow. I loved it. I thought it was visually beautiful. The story was great, too. Ah. Honestly, the best word to describe what I thought of this movie is: beautiful. I laughed. I felt sad. I loved their journey together. And most of all I loved the idea of a fallen star.

All the actors were awesome. And the love between Tristan and Yvaine was touching. Man, I loved it! You know... now I want to buy the book. Lol. Neil Gaiman's awesome, isn't he? :) I'm so glad we watched it. Awesome!

Okay, here's the progress meter:

I think 28k is my word count goal for this week. But if I'm lucky, I'll get the chance to add a little more later on. Reaching 30k would be even better. It would put me a little ahead. Besides, I'm at a point in the story where their connection is buzzing. Lots of bad things to come, and several things I was positive about have now led me somewhere else. This is the magic of writing.

I'm at a point in the story where I need to sit down with my notebook to take notes. There are a bunch of things that need to be sorted out and I don't want to forget any of it. Besides, writing these points will help in the direction. Cool! And I've got the weekend to think things over...
Well, I guess that's it for me today.

Have a great weekend!
ytd wordcount: 45,933

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