Wednesday 27 February 2008

Not much to say today...

Let me start with the progress bar:
I was hoping to crack the 76k mark during this sitting. Almost made it. :) Still, maybe I'll get the chance to do that later on. Though there are a bunch of other (writing) things I need to do. Who would've thought that 24 hours just wasn't enough time to get everything done? Lol.
Well, the room's moving along nicely. I got everything off the desk. Except for the few things I put back on top. Heee. Heee. I threw away a whole bunch of stuff and intend to throw away more. I want to start having things handy, and actually using everything. I'm a little tired of just collecting, collecting and then it all sits there collecting dust.
Last night we watched the latest ep of Burn Notice. Man, this show is so cool. I just love the dynamic between Michael, Fiona and Sam. I know I've mentioned it before, but they're just so cool together. I'm hooked on this show. Wonder how many episodes are left of season one? I'll have to check.
Okay, almost time to head out. Have a great day!


Moira Rogers said...

I loved Burn Notice! I think there were maybe 12 or 13 eps in the first season...I can't remember off the top of my head now. But it was just so fast paced and funny, and I love Michael's narration.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Bree, I agree. Michael's hilarious. I love the narration too. :) Looks like we're about halfway through now.

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