Monday 14 January 2008

My mood matches the weather today

After an awesome weekend of really warm weather, it's cooled down a lot. And it's dark, raining.

Had to be on the day when my daughter starts swimming lessons. Of course. Luckily, the pool's indoors. We planned to walk there. It takes about an hour. Instead, we had to drive the hubby to work so we can drive down there later on. I don't mind getting caught in the rain, but not with my daughter.

The weather can really suck sometimes.

Anyway. That cleaning bug that I mentioned last week, yeah, it got a tight hold of the hubby and I over the weekend. Last week was our daughter's stuff, this week ours.

I'm so tired. We stayed up until almost 4AM on Saturday, sorting through everything. Man, I didn't realise just how much paper, stationery, and other stuff I was keeping for no apparent reason. So, we got a whole bunch out of the house. We're almost done now. Just gotta go down to the garage one of these days. But I'd like to have next weekend off. No cleaning and sorting. :/

Speaking of sorting, I got a new idea late on Friday night. Once again, we're talking dark Urban Fantasy. Got myself a heroine with a lot of attitude - she has reason for it - and two irresistable guys for her to deal with. I think they're going to be a handful. I also think this idea is going to be a lot of fun, with many dark things as well. Can't expect me to drop the darkness. ;) Lol.

With the hubby's help, I've managed to cast the main characters and have their names. I've also printed out some pics and have pretty much written the first chapter in a notebook. I was supposed to just be taking notes, but it kept going and going. Gotta love that. Just need it to percolate in my head a little more. That'll be fun. There are all sorts of things already in there.

Now I've got two main novel ideas that want to be written ASAP. Another paranormal novel trilogy idea... and a bunch of novellas. Yeah, uh, how the hell am I going to fit everything in? I think I better start a schedule of some sort one of these days.

We watched I Am Legend the other day. I really liked it, thought it was good. Nothing spectacular, but Will Smith's performance was awesome. Some of the things that happened gave me goosebumps, and they were mostly to do with his isolation and loneliness, not the monsters hiding in the dark. Loved the dog. Gorgeous. And I didn't mind the changes made from the book, either. I read it about five years ago and loved it. Thought the movie captured the essence, but not the nitty-gritty. Still, it was cool. Emma Thompson's cameo was great too.

Anyway, happy Monday!

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