Monday 10 December 2007


Newly-made vampire Anna has become a Watcher-one of the supernatural world's enforcers- even as she fights to control her vampiric rage. When a series of very dangerous events threatens to draw out her unstable powers, her Watcher mentor sends her away for her own safety. But if there's one thing Anna has always been able to find, it's trouble.

Okay, this has become one of my most favourite series, along with The Darkwing Chronicles. I can't say enough great things about them! My god. This book was awesome. This is the third Anna Strong book, and the series just gets better and better.

In this one, Anna still doesn't want to let go of her humanity. She's also keeping the fact that she's a vampire a secret from the humans in her life. But my god, so many bad things happen in this one that keeping close to what little of the human side she has is hard as hell. And like I've said before, sometimes the human monsters can be so much scarier than the supernatural ones.

If you're not reading this series, what are you waiting for? ;) Check out the books here. I love, love this series. Can't wait for the next one...

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