Sunday 16 December 2007


Mason used to be an enforcer, ensuring that suspect magic practitioners stayed in line. But now he scrapes out a living playing guitar. Good thing he has Louie, his magical...well, let's call him a dog. But there are some kinds of evil that even Louie can't sniff out. And when Mason is attacked by a supernatural assailant, he'll have to fall back on the one skill he's mastered in music and magic-improvisation.

This is a new urban fantasy series which really caught my eye. And man, now that I've read it, I gotta say: Wow! I really, really enjoyed it. Mason's a great narrator, and I can really see myself getting lost in this new world. It was an excellent read, with a world rich in detail.

The secondary characters were also great. Actually, everything about this book was fabulous. I love the concepts and the magical community of practitioners. It set the series up in a wonderful way, with many obstacles already stacked against Mason. And I love the cover!

Yeah, I'm in jumpin' on this ride. ;)

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