Wednesday 7 November 2007


Harper Connelly has what you might call a strange job: she finds dead people. She can sense the final location of a person who's passed, and share their very last moment. The way Harper sees it, she's providing a service to the dead while bringing some closure to the living—but she's used to most people treating her like a blood-sucking leech. Traveling with her step-brother Tolliver as manager and sometime-bodyguard, she's become an expert at getting in, getting paid, and getting out fast. Because for the living it's always urgent—even if the dead can wait forever.

I finished reading this book on Monday night. Although I got off to a very slow start, it had nothing to do with the actual book or story. No, there were just a lot of other things that kept getting in the way. But once I got most of them out of the way, I was able to really get stuck into it. And so, I finished it. LOL.

Anyway, I'm a huge Sookie fan, so I was curious to see what Charlaine had done with this new series. And well, I love it! Harper is a completely different character to Sookie, though I still feel some of that same vulnerability in her. This is a good thing, trust me.

The mystery in this book was great. It kept going in several directions, and although I didn't guess the culprit, I did figure out why the murders were committed. Yay me! ;)

The chemistry between Harper and Tolliver is quite strong. A brother and sister team which really aren't related by blood, just by their bond. I can't help but wonder if this'll take a different direction in future books.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this. So I'll definitely be reading more of this series.

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