Sunday 21 October 2007


One dark, wild night a mysterious stranger seduced Kim Wright, changing her forever. He did wicked things to her, things she'd never dared dream of.
He even bit her! And by doing so, he transformed Kim from an inexperienced mouse to a sinfully sexy woman.

A woman who craved more of what only Stephen could give her.

Now, a year later, Kim has finally found Stephen again. And she still wants him, desperately. But Stephen's not like other men. He can't get attached to any one woman. Still, he can't resist sinking his teeth into Kim just one more time.

Too bad Kim's not going to let Stephen get away that easily.

Oh, I loved this book! It was so good. Of course, I love this writer's style. She's totally awesome, and writes some fantastic vampire tales. You've gotta check her out. She's very cool.

Anyway, I'm very impressed with these Extreme Blaze books, so far. And since I'm hoping to write one myself, it's totally cool.

If you enjoy a good story, read this. If you enjoy reading about interesting characters with flaws and real life situations, with a paranormal edge thrown in, read this. If you enjoy a sexy, sensual connection between hero and heroine, read this. Oh, and I loved The Lost Boys quality to it, too. I know there's going to be a follow up to this one, so I can't wait!

Well, I guess there's no more to say but read it. ;)

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