Sunday 30 September 2007


Raina Bowen knows she can handle herself just fine against anything the harsh Northern Waste throws at her. Until it throws her an enigmatic stranger called Wizard. First, she has to haul him out of a brawl he can't hope to win. And next, her libido is shooting into overdrive at the feel of his hard body pressed against hers on the back of her snowscooter. But there's something not quite right about this guy. Before she can strip bare Wizard's secrets, they're lured into a race for their lives, battling rival truckers, ice pirates...and a merciless maniac with a very personal vendetta.

Oh yeah, I'm definitely a Shomi fan. Wow, this book was awesome! Honestly, it was fantastic... especially since I love post-Apocalyptic stuff!

There's a lot of action and a very interesting storyline. The characters were so cool too. I particularly liked Wizard. Oh yeah, he was all that. Lol. ;)

The connection and attraction between Raina and Wizard was great, and I loved how everything tied up in the end.

Man, if you haven't started reading the Shomi line, you've just gotta. Check out their website HERE, so you can see the three titles currently available. I've still got MOONGAZER on my TBR pile. And I can't wait until Michelle Maddox's novel is released...

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