Monday 27 August 2007


After preventing Mother Earth from destroying the planet, Joanne Baldwin lost her memories thanks to Ashan the djinn-and they will remain lost forever unless Joanne can recover her identity-and destroy the demon who is impersonating her, fabulous shoes and all...

This is the sixth book in the Weather Warden series, and boy do I LOVE this series! And this one didn't disappoint. It was another unpredictable ride, and this one had the extra problem of Joanne having no idea who she was, or what she could do. She couldn't even remember David! My gosh. Still, I won't give anything away, and I think that talking about even one small detail would do that. :)

Rachel Caine's writing style is awesome. It's like settling back into the groove with some old friends. I love it when a book feels that way.

Anyway, check it out! It's awesome! And Joanne's a total blast.

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