Monday 2 July 2007


FIRST A STRANGER APPEARS While chasing down the usual cast of miscreants and weirdos Stephanie discovers that a crazed woman is stalking her.

THEN, THE STRANGER REVEALS HER SECRETS The woman dresses in black, carries a 9mm GLOCK, has a bad attitude and a mysterious connection to dark and dangerous Carlos Manoso... street name, Ranger.

NEXT, SOMEBODY DIES The action turns deadly serious, and Stephanie goes from hunting skips to hunting a murderer.

SOON, THE CHASE IS ON Ranger needs Stephanie for more reasons than he can say. And now, the two are working together to find a killer, rescue a missing child, and stop a lunatic from raising the body count. When Stephanie Plum and Ranger get too close for comfort, Vice Cop Joe Morelli (her on-again, off-again boyfriend) steps in.

This was a lot of FUN! Of course, all the Plum novels so far have been a lot of fun. The laughs keep coming, though. And I love how serious issues are mixed in with all the humour but Stephanie comes out on top.

Looks like we get a little more of a glimpse into Ranger with every new book. Cool. I just wonder if she'll ever make up her mind about which one she wants - Morelli or Ranger? I think the answers right in front of her, she just doesn't want to make it. Lol. :D

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