Monday 28 May 2007


In the crumbling remains of a tunnel that was part of the Underground Railroad, a mysterious artifact reveals one of the darkest secrets of Africa's ancient past. Intrigued by the strange, encrypted stone, archaeologist Annja Creed opens a door to a world--and a legend--bound by a fierce and terrible force. She is not alone in her pursuit of the impossible.

I picked this book up on Friday night and got so caught in it, that by the end of the weekend I was done. I've been having an awesome run with books lately. Enjoying everything I've picked up, and man is that excellent! I love to read, and have fallen behind a bit this year. But when I can, I devour the books. And still, my TBR pile is HUGE! :D

Anyway, this is the third Rogue Angel novel, so I'm no stranger to Annja Creed. Actually, I'm a big fan of Ms. Creed. ;) She manages to get herself into a whole lot of trouble in this book too, and I loved it! This is one action-packed story. I swear, the last 30 pages were so fast, and filled with action that I was going insane trying to get to the end. It was an amazing ride! A very vivid ride that I could see play out inside my head like a movie.

To be honest with you, these books would make a terrific movie series!

I really, really enjoyed this book and still have three more to read on my bookshelf! I'm trying to catch up before the next one comes out in July. This one's called God Of Thunder, and I'm very much into Thor so I can't wait. ;)


Madison Chase said...

Now I'm totally gonna have to buy this! Sounds excellent.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Madison! How you doing?

Oh yeah, I'm loving this series. Annja's total kick butt and I love that sword of hers. Hope you enjoy it! :D

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