Friday 12 January 2007

*insert title here*

It's Friday... again! Man, I was kinda hoping that this year wouldn't go by as quick as last year.

Anyway, I got through the (final) reading of Jake & Mary tale. It's 109 pages long, 21,570 words. Of course I cheated. ;) Last night instead of reading, I picked up the lappy and made further progress.

I made more changes than I thought I would. Nothing huge, pretty much small things here and there, and everywhere. :/ I think it's made it much stronger... at least I hope it has. Why do us writers always get hounded by self-doubt? I suppose it goes with the job of writing. Self-doubt and rejection are two sure things in this biz.

Gee, I sound like a real happy camper today, don't I? Not sure where all that came from, because I'm actually feeling quite good today. It's bright and sunny out there, very warm! Summer finally feels like it's here and I got through quite a bit of writing stuff this week... so what's the prob? No prob. I think I need more sleep, though :D

Looking forward to the weekend, that's for sure! I want to get through the rest of the book I'm reading now. It's Simon R Green's latest Nightside book. I love the Nightside books. It's great to be back in the Nightside.

You know, sometimes it's hard to come up with an appropriate blog post title.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

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