Thursday 21 December 2006

Let's talk about my... nose!

Um, it's not the most fascinating thing in the world to be talking about. That's for sure. But since I had a specialist appointment this morning with a doctor that specialises in Allergy, Respiratory & Sleep Medicine, I thought it would be appropriate.

I was a little nervous about going today, because I knew that if anyone was going to tell me what's up with this breathing problem of mine, it was this guy. And that was a little scary because my mind's naturally swaying towards all kind of terrible scenarios...

I was right, this guy knows exactly what he's talking about. But what's even better was that he was so friendly, willing to listen and answer my questions/concerns, plus take the steps needed to zero in on what's making me all blocked up.

He did an allergy test - for common allergy-stuff (yeah, that's the technical term! Lol) and for some foods, since I've been feeling like dairy products affect me lately. But nope, no allergies. Just like he suspected. He pretty much knew from the start that I didn't have allergies.

Next up, he checked the inside of my nose. Not so comfortable, having this done, but he was able to check my ears, throat etc. Turns out my ears are fine and so is my throat. My lungs are healthy too, BTW. BUT I have inflammation and I'm still clogged up. The left's side worse than the right. Ugh. The worst thing though, is the dripping going on into the back of my throat. It's the reason why I have trouble swallowing food sometimes. Yuck man, that sounds gross and I apologise for even going into it.

Okay, I think that's enough grossing out. So let me just end this by saying that every single day for the next 6 weeks - I made a follow-up appointment - I need to go through a procedure. Every morning and night, and it includes 2 sprays and a nose cleaning solution!

Doctor reckons that once we can clear it up, I should be alright. The problem so far's being that I'm so blocked up, some of the medication hasn't gotten through. OMGosh!

I feel so relieved to know that it's nothing serious. Still, it's something that needs to be dealt with. At least now I'm on the right track. I was really starting to get annoyed with the constant double-guessing and getting freaked out.

Phew, what a relief.

Only problem now is that I didn't get a chance to sit down and write anything today! Not a single word of fiction. And tomorrow's the start of my daughter's school holidays... :/

Oh, and if you read this -- thanks.

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