Tuesday 17 October 2006

Little one turns 6!

Yeah, that's right - it's my daughter's birthday today. She's 6! Wow, time sure does fly...

Anyway, since she's going to have an ice-cream cake on Saturday for her pirate party at Hungry Jack's, I thought it would be nice to make her one for tonight. I'm making a chocolate cake with icing and adding a few cute butterflies (she loves them!) for decoration. Then we'll add the candles later.

It was supposed to be a surprise but the little bugger spotted everything in the shopping trolley last week. Darn! She's too quick.

I hope she's having a nice day at school today, she was very excited this morning. We gave her one present this morning - a cute Atomic Betty doll. And she'll get another one when she gets back from school - an Atomic Betty transforming play-set for the doll. And possibly will surprise her with another after she blows out the candles tonight! Not sure yet. We both thought it would be fun to stagger the presents instead of giving her everything at once.


Today I got stuck into the revisions again. Am now up to page 210... just a little over halfway. Yay! Should be done by the end of the week - fingers crossed, of course. So far there isn't too much I'm spotting, just taking and adding a few words from here and there but nothing huge to the main plot. Phew for that. :) And the hubby was really keen to get started on this novel - since he got done with the other only days ago - so I gave him the first 100 pages.

He's already read them! And wants more! I've got the next 100 to give him, which should keep him busy tomorrow. He's really flying through these novels, it's very exciting for me. To see that he's enjoying them so much and actually likes what he's reading. Very exciting.

Okay, better get going now. I'm posting a little earlier than usual so I can spend some time with my 6-year-old girl when she gets back home from school! :)

Catch'a tomorrow!


Jodie said...

Hi Y, everything is good. No more WB for me right now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the little one. I hope she is blown away by the staggered gifts.

Good luck in edits/revisions I hope it all goes well for you.

Hmm, I think I might show hubb this. Although he likes to tell me about my love affair with my laptop. haha - I could say the same thing about him and his computer games.

Shelli Stevens said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! Ah revisions can be no fun, but sounds like you'r nearly done!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

THANK YOU Jodie and Shelli! I've just passed it on! She's so giddy about her birthday...

Yeah, almost done with the revision... I'm hoping tomorrow will be the day when I'm done. Fingers crossed! :)

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