Monday 18 September 2006

Shows, shows, shows!

Okay, something strange is happening downunder... our rating season usually starts sometime in February and ends maybe in late October/November - not 100% sure on that, so don't quote me! ;) But anyway, there's the usual influx of new American TV shows and then when they're over, they're over and there's crap on the tele until the next year.

This year's a little different.

With SUPERNATURAL and MEDIUM finishing several months ago... yet, HOUSE is still lagging on. :/ That was going to be it for us. BUT, y'know what's happened now?


We just found out the latest season of THE SOPRANOS is starting this week. Late at night, but who cares? I can't wait to watch it. I love, love, love this show. I remember being a little skeptical when we started borrowing the DVDs. I thought: a bunch of overweight mob guys, who the hell wants to watch that? But a few episodes and I was hooked! Hooked, hooked, hooked. It's such a cool show, and very in your face with the violence and bad language. I love HBO stuff.

Speaking of which, ROME premieres in Oz the same night! On the same channel. I've read heaps of blogs claiming this show is super cool. Is that right, guys? The hubby and I are going to give the first ep a go, see how we like it.

Oh, and speaking of insane stuff that Australian TV never does - we're getting the premiere of JERICHO at the same time as the US! OMG! What's going on? I'd love for this to be a trend, I hate being so behind on all the cool American shows. Any of you guys planning to watch this? A nuclear thing happens and some town doesn't get affected, or something. Sounds interesting to me. Apocalyptic stuff, I can't help myself.

Of course, we've still got about 3 HOUSE and 3 DOCTOR WHO episodes left...

Plus we're alrady hooked on JAMIE'S KITCHEN AUSTRALIA! I love watching Jamie Oliver, he's so cool and really gives a shit about things. He's got a soft spot for kids and teenagers who are having (or have had) a tough life. He's trying to change the world via his cooking. You've gotta love a guy who used a huge chunk of his money (and more!) to fund his restaurant FIFTEEN.

Speaking of DOCTOR WHO. Wow. This show just gets better and better. This week's ep was from the POV of a guy called Elton. It was excellent!

So... here's to some new, cool shows...

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