Monday 21 August 2006


In Pursuit of Prey
Sekhmet, Egyptian goddess of feminine sexual heat is on the prowl. Only one man can make her purr. Join her on the hunt for her perfect mate as she seduces Mace with her decadent dance. Feel their pain as their differences dampen their heat, only to be fueled again by mutual sacrifices for each other.

From the Sands
Anubis, god of the dead, yearns to breach the veil and touch his beloved. He trusts in a makeshift blindfold to share a night of passion with Bianca at The Pharaoh's Rest, a mysterious hotel and his only portal into this realm. Bianca casts off the blindfold and her lover disappears. All that remains for them, past the veil, is dreams or death and Bianca's search for a solution. The sacrifice required for an eternity in Anubis's arms is great. What will Bianca give?

Divine Intervention
Maxim, a struggling novelist, has lost his muse. Divine Intervention comes to him in the form of Sesha Ished, a modern Seshat, Egyptian goddess of writing. She teaches him the passion of true love and the pain of losing it. Those powerful emotions are the catalyst which helps Maxim pen his best selling novel. Yet, despite his success, nothing is more precious than the love of his goddess.


WOW! Firstly, the cover is beautiful. This book has three separate stories but all of them share several things in common -- they are all beautifully written, contain memorable characters, take us to vivid locations and are the embodiment of sensuality.

I enjoyed every single tale. Each has its own heart-wrenching situation that keeps you glued until you've read every page. I read the entire book in one sitting, and recommend it if you're looking for a selection of stories that delve into the human spirit and beyond. I found Bianca's journey particularly moving. But all of them had its own fire burning bright... and the heat sizzles between the characters as soon as they step into the arena.

Savannah's words sizzle off the page!

So, go ahead and check it out here.


Savannah Jordan said...


Thanks for the great review, Y! I'm just happy that you like it :)

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

No prob! I really enjoyed every story! :)

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