Tuesday 1 August 2006


Okay, last night I finally sat down and told myself I would get to the end of this great book! And I did. Wow -- what a cool ride. I gotta say, Harry Dresden is just one of those real-to-life characters. You know the ones that really jump off the page and feel totally real? Yeah, he's definitely one. He's a wizard and has access to magic, but boy does he take a beating in this one. I loved that he was still human enough to continually have to find a different way of getting himself out of the deep, dark mess that is this book!

Man, I wanted a werewolf fix and well, I got a huge werewolf feast in this one. There was a bit of every myth in this tale.

I love this from the blurb: A brutally mutilated corpse. Strange-looking paw prints. A full moon. Take three guesses — and the first two don't count... Yeah, there was this and so much more. His relationships are intriguing, and I love Bob! I also love his interaction with Karrin Murphy. They've got a real love-hate thing going on.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a terrific and well-written second instalment to the Dresden Files. And I particularly enjoyed the small insights into his past and origins. I'm definitely a fan of this series... I just wish there would've been more time available so I could've read this great dark urban fantasy sooner!

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