Wednesday 9 August 2006


I absolutely LOVED this book! Actually, I love this series... it's outstanding. Definitely one of my faves. Anyway, this book goes back to being narrated by Elena Michaels who happens to be the only female werewolf around. She gets caught up paying a favour back to Xavier, which happens to involve the Jack the Ripper 'From Hell' letter.

The only thing is she's pregnant. A pregnant werewolf who agrees to steal a letter... doesn't sound like a good mix, does it? And when she accidentally triggers a dimensional portal to Victorian England, everything pretty much goes downhill from there. There are nasty rats, zombies and water problems thrown into modern society. Yuck!

The book was written in a very casual and interesting way. Kelley's got a knack for writing intimate narration that totally throws you into the story and makes her characters seem so real. Clay's a little nicer in this one, looks like fatherhood can tame even the harshest werewolf. And the pack dynamic continues... I just can't wait to see what happens next. And since the next book's going to be about Jaime, I can't wait!

Oh, and Zoe the vampire was a very interesting character... wonder if we'll find out more about her? :) Tee was also someone I'd love to find out more about!

Very good addition to the series. I definitely recommend this one.

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