Wednesday 28 June 2006

80s Wednesday

As mentioned last week, I present She-Ra, aka Princess Adora.

From Wiki:

The premise of the show is that She-Ra, whose secret identity is Princess Adora, and her friends must free Etheria from Hordak and his evil Horde, after realizing her true destiny through the help of her brother Prince Adam, who is also known as He-Man. The She-Ra cartoon's premise is similar to the He-Man premise, with the distinction that while He-Man serves King Randor and the rulers of Eternia (a neighboring planet), She-Ra is a revolutionary engaged in a rebellion against Hordak, the ruler of Etheria, and to a larger extent against the rarely seen Horde Prime, leader of an evil intergalactic empire. Another similarity and distinction is that while both series mixed science fiction and sorcery, He-Man's stories tended to lean towards science fiction while She-Ra's were geared more towards sorcery. She-Ra, like He-Man, wields a magic sword: the Sword of Protection. Adora transforms into She-Ra by holding it aloft and saying, "For the honor of Grayskull... I am She-Ra!" The Sword of Protection varies from He-Man's Sword of Power in that it has a crystal set into the blade. The crystal is the source of her transformation power, and if cracked, Adora is unable to change to She-Ra. The Sword of Protection is also unique in that it can change other forms to at She-ra's command, changing to shield, lasso or flaming blade.

Asides from Wonder Woman and Red Sonja, this was the other cool girl power character that probably helped shape my love in strong-willed-kick-butt female character in books, movies and shows. Sure, I don't actually remember that much butt kicking going on, but it still featured a girl with a sword. And although I liked He-Man too, given the choice, I always preferred She-Ra. :)

She was cool and carried a sword. How appealing is that for a little girl to see on screen? It just cracked me up that just like Wonder Woman and He-Man, she pretty much looked the same in both identities. Lol. Gotta love the big hair too!

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