Wednesday 26 April 2006

Have I mentioned it's getting cold?

Well, it sure is! Of course, compared to other countries this probably doesn't quite register as cold... but it's cold for me.

*scratching my head*

Which come to think of it, doesn't take much. I get cold easy. Oh well. Winter's on the horizon and there's nothing I can do to stop it. I don't even know why I'm trying to fight it. It's a useless battle, but I do it every single year.

Okay, so yesterday was a public holiday here. The hubby was home and we worked out, went to a shopping centre for a while, played some Tretis DS and waited all day for a break in the weather. And we didn't get it. Had to miss out on our daily walk because the rain kept doing a stop-start routine. We set out several times, only to come back inside. It's a little disappointing. I love our walks. The hubby and I have made some of the coolest plans and mutual decisions while walking.

Anyway, so the rest of the week is going to be a little fun for me. I think. Since there are three days left before the weekend and I have three ideas I want to sort out, I'm sparing a day for each idea. Or something like that.

The first thing I did today was put together some Playlists on the lappy. The wonderful hubby helped me put a huge selection of music on it, so I could do just that. And today, that's exactly what I did. Each novel soundtrack is a little different, but holds a very similar thread. When I get started, I'll post each correspinding playlist. I'm excited about it.

I used to write with music all the time. But after my daughter was born I found myself writing in silence. And for some reason, I got stuck in that routine but want to get the ol' music in the background going again. I'm excited about it, and choosing the songs was a lot of fun too.

Okay, gotta get going now...

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