Sunday 16 April 2006


This is the second Cal McDonald, Monster Hunter book. I read it in under twenty-four hours. It's not that long a book, but awesome all the same. I really enjoyed the first book Savage Membrane, so had to read the next one. And it didn't disappoint, that's for sure.

Cal's not exactly conventional. He was a cop once upon a time but got kicked out because of drugs. So now he's a private investigator. Except, he investigates things related to monsters and his best friend's a ghoul called Mo'Lock. In GD&M, Cal is down on his luck and when he receives the still-living head of an old friend via the postal system, he leaves DC and ventures into the freakiness of LA.

Things pretty much go downhill from there and Cal gets into all kinds of shit. Hey, I'm just getting into the spirit of things. The adventure is really cool and Cal takes more than just one beating. Though he's crude and spends most of his time in a drunken and/or drug stupor, I still think he's likeable. I like the idea of someone who sees so much below the surface that it drives him to drugs and alcohol in hopes of escaping.

Sure, this book's probably not for everyone, but I loved it. It's a fast-paced, fun read into a dark world that's creepy, yet familiar. I personally can't wait to read more about Cal McDonald's adventures -- especially now that he's in the City of Angels...

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