Wednesday 5 April 2006

80s Wednesday

Gee, I totally forgot it was Wednesday today! So I made a mad dash around the net trying to come up with this week's choice.

And here it is:

The album Thriller.

Wikipedia: Thriller is an album by Michael Jackson, released by Epic Records December 1, 1982. The album is generally considered Jackson's best solo effort, and helped define the artist as one of music's most popular solo acts.
Before Michael Jackson became the circus that he is today with so many allegations and the bizarre lifestyle to go with it -- there was this album! I love this album! Loved it back in the 80s and still love it now. Do you remember the Michael Jackson cards? He. He. Used to collect those around the same time as well.

What was terrific about this album, asides from the great songs, were the film clips. Thriller was an awesomely scary film clip back in the 80s with all those dancing zombies and scary Michael. Very cool.
I just don't understand what went wrong...

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