Saturday 25 March 2006

Firefly x 4

WOW -- hubby and I sat down last night and watched four more eps in a row! We ended staying up way past 1am but it was well worth it!

Honestly, this show absolutely rocks!

Out of Gas: such a terrific episode. Mal sure loves his ship, doesn't he? And I loved the flashbacks of how he got everyone on Serenity. So funny that Zoe didn't like Wash the first time she met him... and it's no wonder with that retro 70s moustache thing he had happening. Totally great!

Ariel: What a clever bunch of guys. Stealing from the hospital was classic! And poor River... those guys chasing her are scary. Damn that Jayne for trying to sell 'em out. Though I still think he's an awesome character. Glad they ended up with the stash in the end too.

War Stories: Oh man, this was such a cool ep. The torture scene with Wash and Mal was totally hilarious! The way they argued about Zoe... Wash being jealous and all. Plus Zoe proved just how brave she is by going into that space station alone. And what about River shooting without looking? Awesome.

Trash: What can I say about this episode. Saffron was back and boy is she a double-crossing-husband-grabbing bitch! I loved that she got scammed in her own game... though it was a little weird to hear one of her alias names was my name!

I absolutely love the chemistry between all the characters and how they all interact in every tale so well. We're gonna watch the last three episodes tonight and we can't wait -- then it's Serenity time!


Anonymous said...

I love Firefly too. I really have to buy Serenity one day soon. I listen to two FireFly podcasts aswell... Firefly Talk and The Signal, if you are interested. :D

Anonymous said...

FireFly ROCKS!!!

I love that you're all caught up in it now. Welcome to the family, Hun!!

Gena Showalter said...

I'd loved Serenity. What a fab movie!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Carlie, AE and Gena! FIREFLY does ROCK! WOW! What an awesome ride -- I loved everything about it. And the movie was TERRIFIC too!

Hope you all pop by for some more 'brown coat' talk soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved War Stories. Wait to you watch it again with the commentary! (I'm such a geek - I watched all the eps then I watched all the commentary).

Nathan and Alan are so freaking hysterical when they talk about that episode.

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