Wednesday 29 March 2006

80s Wednesday

I love this little robot. Honestly, I used to love him as a kid and still do. My daughter enjoys watching the old episodes and even though the dialogue's a little dated and corny, I still love the core of this story. A little robot built in the image of a little boy who died in a car accident, only to be shunned by the maker -- remind you of Frankenstein a little? The show had a lot of heart and I loved that he got parents and a sister. Uran got into so much trouble, but even she's a lovely, sweet character.

The 2003 remake was missing something. I couldn't get into it, I guess it was made to appeal to the kid of today. Not sure, but I've got lots of fond memories of watching this little guy and thanks to the DVD release, can watch it with the hubby and daughter a thousand times!

Astro Boy '80s Series Opening Theme

Soaring high in the sky
He may be small, but only in size.
Astro Boy, Astro Boy
He is brave and gentle and wise.
Stronger than all the rest
This mighty robot will pass the test
Oh villains fear him, so we'll cheer him
The amazing Astro Boy.
When you need someone strong
Our robot friend is there before long.
Astro Boy, Astro Boy
He will try to right any wrong.
When there's danger nearby
No matter who, what, where, when or why
He will defend us. He'll befriend us
The amazing Astro Boy.

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