Thursday 9 February 2006


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I'm feeling really good today! I wrote quite a chunk and they're all words leading the heroine into some very dangerous, uncomfortable and confusing situations. And I'm excited! It sounds a little cruel, don't you think? To be excited and happy when the characters are heading down a very dark path I'm gladly leading them into.

Writers can be so cruel to their own creations, don't you think? But hey, it's not all me pushing them this way and that. They're showing me a whole bunch of things as we move along I hadn't even expected. Like the new menace introduced yesterday was totally a shock to me and has now added layers to the main storyline!

I gotta say, I'm feeling a spark of positivity now that my muse gets a chance to go nuts without restrictions. I mean, don't get me wrong, I miss my daughter heaps during the day but she loves Kindy and is learning so much already.

So we watched the first ep of the second season of Desperate Housewives last night. I loved it! They're all such terrible people but funny... and could Susan be any dumber? Honestly, the woman has serious issues and she could definitely use a little more food in her system! House was as excellent as always. Hugh Laurie's utterly brilliant in that role.

Oh, and Jim -- so sorry to hear about your dad. Sending lots of good vibes for him via the net and I hope everything goes well. And yeah, visiting the US sometime in the future is definitely something I'd love to do someday. HEY CIE! How you doing?


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