Thursday 2 February 2006


Gosh! It was really hot today. And not just hot, but blazing HOT! The type of weather that makes you sweat no matter what. Phew. Still, I'm not complaining since I've already mentioned how much I love summer, right? And since I'm revising a novel about a demoness heroine, I suppose the heat's pretty appropriate.

Today's progress was quite good:

258 / 344

So LOST is back tonight. I'm looking forward to checking out what happens... though I gotta say I had a love-hate thing going with the Season 1 finale. I don't know, I felt a little used at the end. Kinda empty. Like I invested so much time into these characters and their situations but was left hanging with no answers whatsoever. Though I suppose the fact I'm interested in getting back into it says something about the magnetism and appeal of the show. Those writers certainly know what they're doing and I just know they've got an arc that'll eventually answer some questions. Fingers crossed. Here's hoping we get some answers pretty early in the second season.

I finished reading a fantastic book last night -- check out the entry below. There was certainly something special about Tiger Eye. I'm so glad I read it. It was just one of those books.

So my daughter's into the swing of Kindy. Sounds like she enjoyed it a lot more today. Yesterday must've been a little daunting. I know she was excited and all but it's such a different world from the preschool environment she's used to. Still, this is great for her development. Can't wait until she actually starts raving on about her day, she's still a little short with the details. Lol!

And her starting school has sparked off a whole bunch of memories from my primary school days. I can remember situations, feelings, music and people so clearly in my mind... it's a little eerie. At least I can be empathetic and clearly remember that sometimes it's very hard to be a kid!

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