Thursday 23 February 2006

Phew, 60k

( #############==== )
62,730 / 80,000 : 78.4%

There was a lot going on in the chunk of writing I got out today. I woke up a little tired this morning and all the action, fighting and revelations made me super tired during the 5k+ that poured outta me!

Phew... I think I need a nap - LOL! :D Though it's not an option - just picked up my daughter from school.

Still watching SFU eps during my lunch break. Gee, it sounds a little funny writing that, but it's exactly what I do. I'm about halfway through the season now, can't wait to see how this one ends. The fifth and final season comes out here in May sometime. I wonder how they ended everything?


Anonymous said...

Hi, stopping by to say "hello" again, the weekend is almost hear, yea! and it's mardi gras weekend, woo-hoo!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...


Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a COOL Mardi Gras weekend!


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