Tuesday 7 February 2006

More Supernatural...

Gosh, Supernatural sure is GREAT! Okay, so great doesn't really do it justice... I should be saying AWESOME! I am hooked. Can't get enough of it, wish it was on every single night. The stuff they touch on, absolutely fascinates me. It's what I like to watch, read and of course -- write! And they did a great job at casting the Winchester brothers too.

Top episode last night. There should be more shows like this one out there!

I enjoyed writing some more today. I miss my little girl being at Kindy, but it helps me stay very productive. I just put butt-to-chair and start typing. Before I realise it a few hours have slipped by... it's totally freaky. In a cool way.

So here's the word count update:

( ##============== )
9,703 / 80,000 : 12.1%

The story's unfolding quicker than I thought it would. Once again, can't wait to get stuck into it some more tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Ha, you like our "Supernatural" show, I watched a few episodes, there are some good ones coming your way (it's been running for awhile here now in the States). Hope all is good by you!

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