Monday 30 January 2006


I truly do and there's only one more month left. :( Well, better make the most of it, huh? The sun's been very bright during the weekend -- love those blue skies!

The weekend was very relaxing and cool. Saturday involved a lot of lazing around with hubby and daughter. I also started reading another book, which I'm enjoying immensely. But I'll talk about that when I'm done with it. And Sunday we drove down to a shopping centre, where I found one of the Feb books on my to-buy-list. It's a LUNA called Poison Study by Maria V Snyder. The cover's gorgeous and story sounds intriguing, I've also heard great things about it. So I'm looking forward to checking this one out and very glad I found it yesterday.

We also stopped by a place called Yoshinoya. I'd heard about this coming to Australia, it's Japanese food and hubby and I were both curious to check it out. Now, I'm not a big fan of fast food -- actually refuse to eat McDonald's, KFC, Hungry Jacks, Red Rooster, Pizza Hut etc -- but this, I had to try! The hubby and I shared a Combo Bowl Meal and loved it! Didn't even feel like fast food to me. Very nice, filling and I love that the large portion was enough for us to share.

My daughter and I also had some fun online at eLouai's Candybar Doll Maker. It's a really cool place to make little character dolls - I love it! And my daughter always manages to get involved too -- she loves putting them together, though mostly she makes princesses. I just love giving a look to my characters. And I made a bunch of them. Very cool.

So, during the weekend I had a crazy thought. My daughter starts Kindy on Wednesday, and I was gonna start the next WIP on that day BUT I thought mid-week was a little nuts to start something. Especially since her first few days are shorter than usual... so... my brain was thinking about the options and decided that instead of checking out a bunch of different writing things for a few days, I can actually do the last read of demon.

I know, sounds a little nuts right? But I'm just so close to finishing this novel, I just hate leaving it like this before getting stuck into something new. I started reading and making chapter-by-chapter notes this morning. Here's the progress for today:

78 / 346

Not too bad, I think. It's definitely a doable thing since it's a little shorter than the other novels I've revised lately. This way I can work on this during this week and come Monday I can get stuck into the next vamp novel!

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