Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Crawling progress

144 / 405

Didn't get too much done today, but it was great progress. I'm totally into the storyline at the moment and things are getting worse for the characters. It's not good for them but good for me.


It's still raining around here. Ugh! Where's the sun gone?


C. T. Adams said...

Hey kiddo! Haven't written in a couple of days. The day job has been nuts because the boss is in Court all week. By the way, I know you'll be shocked to find out that I, too, am a cat. LOL

Glad the writing is going well. Take care.


Anonymous said...

"things are getting worse for the characters. It's not good for them but good for me."

We are SO much alike, Y! I know just how you feel. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Yolanda!

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least you're making progress! Hang in there! It may be rough now, but it'll be oh-so-much fun to re-read. :)

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

LOL Cie! Of course you got cat! :) You take care too and I hope the job slows down a bit soon!

He he, AE! :) How you treating your characters?

HEY Jim! Thanks for stopping by. How you getting back into the swing of things?

HI Jessica! Yeah, the progress is coming nice and slow... but I'm almost halfway there now. So that's cool.

You tackled any of your cool ideas yet? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Y,

Currently, the characters in the anubis expansion are in the "gasp and swoon" mood. I am not writing anything, ummm, wicked at the moment! :P

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