Saturday 22 October 2005

Another GREAT Bombshell...

Last night I finished reading PERSONAL ENEMY by Sylvie Kurtz.

Another BOMBSHELL I enjoyed so much I stayed up reading the almost 200 pages I had left last night. And it didn't disappoint. Adria Caskey was a character I liked instantly. After reading the heart-wrenching Prologue of what happened to her at six years of age, how could I not want to keep reading her story? The impact of the story hits you from the very first sentence.

This is a terrific tale about a woman haunted by the sadness of her past, willing to do whatever it takes to seek revenge for the loss. Though, as strong as Adria is during tough situations, there's still a lot of heart and emotion burning inside her.

Sylvie's writing was outstanding - from start to finish. Descriptive narrative without weighing down the story. I pictured every event as I read along with the precision her words painted.

And the hero - Peter Dragon - is also a character I took to right away. Such a great, tight plot with realistic characters dealing with an action-packed situation that keeps you wanting more until you read the last word.

I highly recommend this book!

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