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Writer. Bibliophile. Dreamer. Horror freak.
Slave to her muse.

Welcome to my website!

I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband, bookshelves crammed full of books, piles of books, games systems, shelves full of games, and a whole lot of collectibles. I might write horror stories, but I love to collect cute stuff. And stationery. 

Although I primarily write horror, my muse doesn't like restrictions, so my stories always manage to bleed into other genres. See what I did there? LOL. 

Anyway, I'm always happy to toe the dark edge of storytelling, and love to sprinkle a little supernatural into everything I write.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy spending time with my husband. I also love going for walks, try to do as much reading as I can, am forever trying to squeeze yoga into the mix, doing some sort of research online, and visiting a whole bunch of social media places.

I currently have three novellas published by Demain Publishing, one from DarkLit Press, and another from Alien Buddha Press. 

I also have several other books coming out next year.

My TV/Film Rep is Alec Frankel at IAG.

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Author of the previously published Samhain Publishing Sierra Fox UF series and the Recast SFR series. 

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