Saturday 21 June 2014

SFR Brigade's 3rd Midsummer Blog Hop - Starry Nights, and welcome to my SFR Brigade 3rd Midsummer Blog Hop post! :)

I really enjoy writing character driven SFR stories, and often find inspiration during starry nights. I love looking up on a clear night and gazing at the shining stars while letting my imagination run wild. How many times have I wondered what's out there, beyond our planet? Or created a scenario that took a character out of their world and into space to search for adventure, or even freedom? Too many to remember.

I can probably blame Star Wars for influencing my imagination from a very early age.

These thoughts, questions and inspiration led me to create my RECAST series. A Sci-Fi world filled with humans, aliens and AI, all trying to get on with their lives. Even when things get hectic or dangerous.

The world in which these characters live is filled with habitable planets and moons, space stations. Most of these places are accessible via space travel into the stars... but what would happen if there was one particular planet run by a tyrant who has banned space travel for most? That's a theme I've explored in both CLASH and SHIVER. But all three stories share one common thing: each features the hero and heroine outside, under the night sky, forced to face obstacles.

They might want to be together, but there are always issues and battles to overcome under dark skies on starry nights...

What about you? Do you ever find yourself staring up at the stars and fantasizing about the unknown? Do you ever wonder if we're really alone?

Thanks for reading! 

First there was a space cowboy in Wither.
Then, a shapeshiter in Clash.
Now, there's an arena warrior with a bloodlust problem in Shiver...

will be available in print from Samhain Publishing in September.

(This volume includes WITHER & CLASH)


I have another SFR book...

Things aren't always as they seem.

I'll be giving away three eBook copies (mobi/pdf) of PROMISE
All you have to do is leave a comment here with your answer to the question/s I asked in my above post.
Don't forget to check back here on June 26th to find out if you won and how to claim your prize!


1st Prize
Tales from the SFR Brigade, Heart of Stone, Her Cyborg Awakes, Anja's Star, Silver Strife, Corwint Series 4 Book Gift Pack, Earth's Requiem, Alien Blood, Starwoman's Sanctuary, one book from Jessica E Subject's SFR backlist (ONE ebook title out of the following: Alien Adoration, Alien Admirer, Alien Lover, An Unexpected Return, Another Night Another Planet, Celestial Seduction, Crash Landing, Hey Santa, His Alien Virgin, Made For Her, Never Gonna Let You Go, Never Gonna Desert You, Never Gonna Say Goodbye, Satin Sheets in Space, Sudden Breakaway, or Unknown Futures), LodeStar Series Books 1-3 (Stark Pleasure, Creed of Pleasure and Captive of Pleasure), Reunion trilogy, Terms & Conditions Apply, Wreck of the Nebula Dream, Starheart, Kuralon Rescue, A Matter of Trust, Earth's Blood, Roman's Gold, Wolf Born, The Marann, Nightfall, Unrequited, Butterman Time Travel Inc., Legend Beyond the Stars, Hathor's Legacy: Outcast, Removed, Midwinter Crisis, Shlyer: Finding Home, Boyfriend's Brother, Surviving the Trap, Captive, Tower in the Woods, Catching Red, Underlighters.
2nd Prize
Tales from the SFR Brigade, Heart of Stone, Her Cyborg Awakes, Anja's Star, Silver Strife, Corwint Series 4 Book Gift Pack, Earth's Requiem, Alien Blood, Starwoman's Sanctuary, Tangled In Time, Terms & Conditions Apply, Escape from Zulaire, Lana's Comet, Heart's Bounty, Glad Hands, Nikolai, The Trial of Tompa Lee, The Tribulations of Tompa Lee, The Midas Rush, Prime Obsession, Daughters of Suralia, Morning Star, Hey Santa, Tower in the Woods, Catching Red, Underlighters, Alex Wales:Promise, Recast trilogy (Wither, Clash, Shiver).
3rd  Prize
3 separate winners each receive Tales from the SFR Brigade, Heart of Stone, Her Cyborg Awakes, Anja's Star, Corwint Series 4 Book Gift Pack, Hey Santa, Tower in the Woods, Catching Red, Underlighters.

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JC Jones said...

I have wondered. I think there must be others out there and wonder if we will ever meet them.

Suzie said...

I do wonder. I don't believe we are alone. As a huge Stargate fan, I ask myself, who or what is out there. If the universe is as big as we believe, we are not alone.

Rhianna said...

I guess I wonder weirder stuff like... if stars are really suns that have burned out a long time ago in galaxies far, far away... who/what lived there? Will our sun be a star to another galaxy far, far away and someone wonder the same thing? Yup, I'm an odd one. lol

always.and.never AT gmail DOT com

Imogene Nix said...

I always think it's a bit unrealistic to think that this single tiny blue dot of a planet could the only life sustaining point in the universe.

If anything, I wonder more if we'll see what is out there before my time ends. :)

But that's my take on it!

imogene @ imogenenix. com

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