Friday 24 August 2012

These weeks, they keep goin' faster...

Oh yes they do!

Anyway, the week started out pretty busy for me. I was still working on the second draft of Sierra Fox #3, while putting together a to-do list and celebrating the release of Sierra's second book! Yay.
There's always so much to do, and as soon as I got the revision done I got stuck into a to-do list that desperately needed my attention. Most of the items have now been crossed off, but I suspect some will remain on there until the weekend. LOL.
Hey, what do you think of my latest stationery stash? We went to Officeworks last weekend and I picked up a bunch of reduced notebooks. They're so pretty. I'm tempted to go back again and grab more, because the pretty (oh, so pretty) notebooks will soon sell out. I'm so addicted to stationery. As addicted as I am to books! ;)
Actually, that's another thing I have on my to-do list: to go through my bookshelves and get rid of some books. It's a lot harder to do than it sounds, but I have to be tough about it. I'm running out of room, so I really need to clear as many books as I can! Well, I better get to it.
Have a great weekend!

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