Wednesday, 25 January 2017


The other day, I posted a little update about the second Elsewhere book. 
 Today, I'm going to post the cover (again!) and the blurb:

It only takes one corpse to start an epidemic.

Elsewhere, Book 2 

Willow Moss’s necromancing ability dovetails nicely with her job doing field research to disprove or confirm paranormal phenomena. If there’s a downside, it’s that her whole life revolves around responsibility. But, after all, that’s what single mothers do. 

When one of her lab co-workers is murdered, the police investigation reconnects her with her teenage crush. She’s as attracted to Gareth Crewe now as she was then, but he’s no ordinary cop. He’s got a few supernatural skills of his own. 

For a moment, everything seems so perfect that not even her ex can stir up trouble. But when poltergeists beg for her help, walking corpses start chasing her across town, and another of her co-workers is killed, it becomes clear someone—or something—is targeting the lab staff. 

Worse, it has turned its infectious evil on the one person Willow can’t stand to lose. Her son. And without Gareth’s help to understand her rapidly evolving gifts, everything she loves could be swallowed up in darkness. 

Warning: This book features a hard-working parapsychologist who moonlights as a necromancer, a sexy detective with a few surprises up his sleeve, and one hell of a courtship. Sharpen your wits—dealing with the undead can be slaughter.




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