Thursday, 20 January 2011

I've got some cool news today!

I've just signed two new contracts with Damnation Books. One of them is for a novel called, SINFUL (Sinners, Book 1), which happens to star Sebastian Morrow and takes place shortly after the events of BOUNDLESS.

The other is a novella called, RELENTLESS (An Alyce Kerr, Faith Healer Novella), which goes back to Alyce and Ross. This one takes place right after the events of SINFUL.

As you can probably tell, I'm very excited about both. Alyce Kerr's world is one that's very vivid inside my head, and has the potential for a lot of stories--some including her, and some without even having to mention her. And I love that about it! *grin*

So, how's everyone? We've been having a pretty good week. Hubby's come home early the last few days because it's been a little quiet at work, so we've had a chance to get some things done earlier than usual. Cool. Looks like he's back to a full day today, though. :(

I might be spending a week working on smaller-more-random stuff, but I've been busy almost every single moment. Phew! Didn't realise I needed to catch-up-with-and-update so much. :) I'm still not caught up, though. But I did get a chance to finish checking the PDF proof for NUMB6R OF TH6 B6AST. So excited about this novella, too!

Well, better get back to it. See ya later!


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